Wednesday, October 21, 2009

After-Mouse partnership; Surface in French retail stores

At nsquared we are very pleased to announce that Internity, a European leader in telephony and multimedia products announced the first public launch of Microsoft® Surface® in Europe.

For the first rollout, five points of sale in France will each have one Surface unit: Marseille, Plan de Campagne, Narbonne, Toulouse Gramond, Evry and Lyon Part Dieu. The Surface application will allow one or several users to interact directly with the interface with a simple touch. Users will be able to explore all of the products and compare them, access detailed specifications (with photos, 3D images, videos and related products), navigate the Internity website and even select their next purchases with their membership card before checking out.

The software running on the Surface units was built by After-Mouse with help from the nsquared technology team in Sydney.

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