Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Core Protocols

Inspired by the book "Software for your Head" Dr. Neil and Kris have decided to implement The Core into nsquared. We will be trialing the program for a week.

Today's kickoff meeting included an introduction to the The Core Protocols. We each made posters symbolizing our committment and understanding of the concepts and hung them around the office. Take a look!

The Core is a system designed to help members of a team to share a united vision. To participate in The Core is to maintain the following processes:

  1. Checking in with oneself and one's team
  2. Practicing unanimous decision making
  3. Aligning, announcing intention, and setting goals
  4. Creating a shared vision

Some of us bought in immediately with a "thumbs up" while some of us needed additional information and convincing. In the end, we all agreed to give 100% to the trial. We will report the results in about a week so stay tuned. You can read more about The Core at

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