Thursday, April 23, 2009

nsquared Blends... do you?

And I don't mean we blend in - we do anything but that! So what am I talking about? At MIX, you heard about Blend 3.0 including the new SketchFlow functionality( nsquared is of course, highly interested in any new technology that can benefit our clients and we grasp at any opportunity to stay ahead of the crowd.

While SketchFlow is not yet available, if we were using it, :) we would surely be able to create great user experiences for our clients. :)

Why is Blend 3.0 with SketchFlow so great? Great products will never receive due notice without great design. Great design takes foresight and UI experimentation. When these aren't considered in the early phases of a project, you may well have to spend extra resources to go back and reconsider them later.

The idea of preliminary sketching is not new - even famous artists like Picasso sketched before committing paint to canvas. As Christian Schormann, the Group Program Manager for Expression Blend says, "Sketching, and, at a slightly later stage of the design process, prototyping, are wonderful techniques to explore a multitude of ideas quickly, without excessive investment and emotianal attachment."

Using SketchFlow, it will now be possible to "sketch" dynamic, experiential activities and communicate them with clients and developers alike. What a great tool to revamp the old software development life cycle. Join us in an SDLC revolution! Our team will reap the benefits before you know it and so will our clients.

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